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1954 Porsche 356 Speedster

This Porsche 356 Speedster (Vin:80279) was ordered by Hoffman, New York during December 1954.

Reutters finished their part of the manufacture on the 25th January 1955, before being completed and shipped out of the Porsche factory, Zuffenhausen on 6th February 1955.

The car was purchased new by a Norman Milliard of Hartford, Connecticut and took delivery on his birthday in April 1955.

Norman Milliard used the car regularly and attended the first ever Porsche Club Parade in August 1956, and in addition being one of the founder members of Porsche Club America and the Porsche Owners Club.

Norman kept the car to approximately 1978, when it was sold via his widow to Type 356 in Florida to a Mr Grant Ritter. Mr Ritter used the car occasionally, but due to Naval commitments the car soon ended up neglected and stored in a barn in Quaker Hill, CT.

The third owner, Mr Peter Bartelli heard about the car via a fellow PCA member and a deal was done for $8000 in August 1991. Peter was a judge for the Porsche Club concours scene and embarked on a 6 year restoration of chassis 80279. The goal to win the Porsche Parade concours event.

Peter brought the car to the much revered 356 specialists of the “Paterek brothers” of Chatham, New Jersey. A full concours restoration embarked and Peter had his sights set on first place!

It subsequently won the 1997 Porsche Parade, Grand Award for Restoration, Greenwich concours and Amelia Island. It was then subsequently invited back to the Parade in Hershey in 2005 and achieved Honorary Judges award for Best of Show (voted for by Wolfgang Porsche, Jerry Seinfeld and Peter Porsche). To date the only Porsche Speedster to achieve the elusive triple crown of concours.   80279 now resides in the UK, having covered a little over 46,000miles from new.

Note: The car has an original Glasspar hardtop, tool kit, jack, owners and service manual as well as fitted luggage. It still runs its 16’ wheels and is currently running a 1720 super 90 engine, with The 1500N engine being restored back to its original 55bhp.

Located in the Pre 57 Display

Porsche Powered Tempo Matador

An incredibly rare, low volume, air-cooled transporter built by Tempo. 

Discovered in Uruguay and now owned by Phil Jarvis (who you may remember from the Porsche Tractor and his beautiful Outlaw 356). This vehcile has been subject to a ground up restoration  by Irv's restos.


A full aesthetic and mechanical restoration. This Tempo is now powered by a modified Porsche 356 motor. It also features a classic Porsche Renndienst Livery to complete the look. 

Located between Cool Flo and PRS on a display plinth. 

1967 Porsche  911 - 24,000 miles

Original Paint, engine and gearbox - 24,000 miles.


Supplied in Golf Blue. First owner was Betty Haig who bought the car direct from AFN in Isleworth.


Betty competed at Le Mans in 1951, multiple Monte Carlo and St Raphael rallies. She was a founding member of PCGB in 1962.

Dickie Stoop, the racing driver, helped Betty set the suspension up, including Sports Purpose anti roll bars and Fuchs wheels.

Betty sold the car in 1978 with 22,000 on the clock, it was then owned for the next 45 years by a single fastidious owner.

The car was then sold to its current owner at the end of 2023.

Located in the Survivor Display

Classics 23 Images Selects-142.jpg
1954 VW Beetle - 'BEV'

"Bev the Iceland Green (L213) RHD  Beetle known as “BEV”  left the VW Motors LTD in London in 1954.


Most of Bev’s history is known with 4 owners from new and one having the car some 64 years and only driving her for 12 months. Bev is a matching numbers car with its original 1200cc engine that’s believed to have only covered 35,000 miles from new.

Bev belongs in a collection of 4 other vintage Volkswagens Martin own’s and regularly attends shows up and down the country. No plans are to restore Bev in the future, she wears her history with pride."


Located in the Survivor Display

Legends Meet Porsche 2023-32.jpg
1967 Outlaw Racers 912

More info coming soon...


Located in the Survivor Display

1958 Type 1 'Ragtop'

"She's my first car I ever bought some 20y ago, I imported her from Austria to Belgium and later on to England when I met my now wife.

I've driven the beetle to shows all over Europe in various states. From fully lowered to callook to now, standard height and ready to go anywhere.


Some points of interest - sleeper interior, engine built by Francois from ABP in Belgium, he is a retired vw cup racer and he built the engine from the ground up.

Stock height car, spotlights added, winter tyres ready for studding if required."


Located in the Survivor Display

1967 Porsche 912

Built on the 24th February 1967 at the Karmann Factory in Germany. A 5 speed with black leatherette interior. Originally Ivory but with a period dealership repaint to Primrose Yellow. 

THis vehicle was originally purchased in New Jersey before making it's way out west to California. Being sold to and airline pilot based in San Diego. Eventually being sold on to yet another Pilot who's wife purchased the 912 as a gift for her husband. 

Once the vehicle eventually made it's way to the UK via Smith's Cornwall it was given a sympathetic mechanical and structural restoration. Protecting as much original (dealership) paint and metal as possible.

Located in the Survivor Display

1954 RHD 'Ragtop' Oval

Delivered to the UK in December 1954. An original paint, black RHD UK Oval Window.

"At some point early in its life it has had a 2 fold Ragtop fitted. Also spent some time in Belgium. 

Since being back in the UK the underside has been restored using most of its original parts, powder coated and reassembled. 

The body has been left original and is showing all of his 70 years old. 

Lovely 30hp engine. The interior is slightly crusty but I personally like the overall look." 


Located in the Survivor Display

1956 356 from the Lost Highway

Originally she came off the production line on 24th October 1956 resplendent in silver with a red vinyl interior.

History from the paperwork supplied with the car indicates that she was last running and roadworthy back in 1985 before her resting place at the lost highway.

In Early 2011, Porsche mechanic Robert Heintz and his wife Leslie were stumbling around artist Tom Merkel’s installation piece “the lost highway” in Cuyuma near Ojai, California, also known as the Car Garden (a four lane highway over a mile long, made from nearly 2000 vintage cars).


I decided that the heavily patinated bodywork should be preserved but that a full rebuild of the chassis was needed so as to preserve the look of the car without compromising strength, should be commissioned.


That job was handed to Paul Smith and his talented team at PR Services, 356 specialists in Billericay. PRS conducted a further mechanical overhaul as well as a full reconstruction of the chassis in new metal along with an interior trim.


Just one day after delivery back to me I car drove to Hamburg and back, for a classic car meet. She has since successfully completed round trips to Aarhus in Denmark, Barcelona and other European tours with relentless reliability. Some people ask when am I going to restore her. The answer is “she is restored”. I never want to repaint her.


Located in the Survivor Display

1954 Iceland Green Oval 

This early Beetle is one of the first to have left the factory late December 1953 with the new oval shaped rear window design of 1954. We know from the VW historic certificate that it started life in Sweden. It retains it's original engine and gearbox 70 years on. It's largely original paint is believed to be a "one year only" colour called Iceland Green. Some smaller electrical parts are 1953 parts from a different model, that would have been used up on the factory line we believe. 


It's lived in the UK since around 2012 where it's previous owner had begun a professional body off restoration. The invoices note the undersides of the body has been renovated and new paint applied. Also that everything on the chassis has been restored and serviced too. 


Since I have owned it, the engine has been rebuilt with original and NOS service parts. A new carpet has been fitted and mechanical checks completed. 


Some nice features of it's history include old Swedish stickers. Some from maintenance tests in the 60s and 70s, others collectable Swedish BP petrol station ones. A previous (driver's?) name is also marked under the sun visor and mysterious symbols label stuck to the dash... 

Located in the Survivor Display

55 Oval.jpg
1955 Stratos Silver Deluxe

Manufactured December 1954, Dotty is a 1955 deluxe model, RHD VW Beetle, made for the British market. She arrived in the UK in January 1955 and was sold through VW Motors, London.

Prior to our ownership she had been kept, unused in a garage for over 15 years, before being recommissioned as part of a YouTube series by Dom Chinea and Honest Jon to ready her for sale.

Sally (Dom’s mum), who had owned her, had been reluctant to say Goodbye and it’s largely due to this period of being tucked away that she survives in her original state.

She is still sporting original paint; we have the original number engine (currently being recommissioned to return to the car) and is currently running an age appropriate 30 hp engine.

She is unashamedly fair-weather nowadays as we strive to maintain her current state without compromising her history!

You can follow Dotty on Insta @spottydotty55oval

Located in the Survivor Display

1963 US Spec 'Field Find'

The bug spent its early years as a run around for a lady in Montana USA. It used to have snow tires put on every winter due to the harsh winters over there. 

It was laid to rest in the early 80s after the engine quit and didn’t move from the field until 2018 when a guy repaired another bug for the family and took this bug as payment. 

It was then bought by a guy in California and then shipped to the UK in 2019 which is when we bought it. 

It required the pans, body mounts and channels replacing and a full mechanical overhaul, but of course the body was left untouched and is how nature intended. 

It passed its first MOT in the UK in 2020 and has been used ever since.

Located in the Survivor Display

1956 Jungle Green Swedish Oval

"A Swedish car showing her signs of old age and her bruises and scars in her 68 years of survival with some beautiful patina.


She is still running the original 6volt set up, original interior, and has been in the uk since 2015.


It's had a few owners and was featured in the Hayburner magazine in a different life as a lowered vehicle. With different wheels and stance etc. Lucky for me I managed to buy her in her standard original condition stock height and wheels , sorry she has been named wilma as this is a true Swedish lady's name being a Swedish car."

Located in the Survivor Display

image0 (1).jpeg
1969 T2 Westfalia Cali Import

Originally bought on the "Tourist Export Programme", the first owner collected it from the factory before touring Europe and shipping it back to the states.


It then spent its first 45 years basking in the California sunshine getting its genuine sunburnt paint (including the hand painted black centre line).


Simon Ballard (NOS VW) imported the bus in 2014 and simply cleaned, prepped and coated it with satin clear lacquer to preserve the fantastic paintwork. The inside has been renewed in period correct style by The V Dub Trim Shop.


The van still has the original handbook and local maps of the area in the USA where it lived and was even used to sell pumpkins out of at one point. 


Located in the Survivor Display

1951 Split Window Outlaw

More info coming soon...


Located in the Survivor Display

Carls Oval HB Selects (PJG)-118.jpg
1956 Jungle Green 'Ragtop'

Unrestored L315 Jungle Green over dark green UK Deluxe. Purchased on Valentine's day 1956 from Volkswagen London for a total of £788.17. Owned from new by a Mrs Elsie Sharpless. Amassing a grand total of 30,000 miles during her four decade tenure.  

The vehicle eventually changed hands after she was no longer able to drive it. The next owner entered the vehicle in the historic Monte Carlo Challenge - 'Europe's longest and toughest winter rally for classic cars'. Sporting the number 162 the vehicle successfully completed the rally with no major set backs. 

The bug lives a slightly simpler life with it's new owner Carl. It attends regular events and meets, and is often seeing being enjoyed around the UK.

A previous winner here at Classics 22.

Located in the Pre 57 Display

1956 Type 2 Single Cab

Originally from the Bay Area in California, this truck was one of the first built in the new Volkswagen Hanover factory. Retaining many early features.


The previous owner in the USA was an avid collector of cars including Volkswagen and some older race vehicles. 


Not much else is known, but when cleaning the vehicle a business card from Lockheed Martin was found behind the dash. 


Since we took ownership we fitted the tilt, new tyres and new motor and it has been used as intended ever since. 

Located at the Classics' Merch Stand.

Website Sizing Classics 2023-220.jpg
1957 Porsche 356 A

Sadly, not a heap of history with this old girl. Some stickers from a California body shop on the glass, a key from 'Ray's Lock Shop' and an old classified advert for a 'driver' from North Carolina. A loose story about it being abandoned on someone's driveway for years. 

An original sun roof model ordered by Max Hoffman of New York. A 'cross over' model with T1 dash, T1 doors and T2 rear end, from factory. Making it quite a rare little ugly duckling.

Since owning the vehicle it has been totally reworked. With new motor, new running gear, disk brake upgrade and rebuilt gearbox. 

It now gets driven as it should. 

Located Porsche Fairway

1994 993 Aventurine Green

"The journey of our 993 C2 started back in 1994 in Lancaster. Throughout its life it has taken multiple turns and gear changes with various owners, covering nearly 60k miles in its first 4 years, seeing rain, snow and sun. 

In 1999 it was MOTd by a G Carter, which holds great significance to me, as it is the same initials and year that my girlfriend was born. 

Within my families 9 years of ownership our most memorable moment was joining a convoy of 30 993s accompanied by the famous Tony Hatter, who was the chief designer for the 993 and GT1. He’s even signed the car under the frunk. 


The car has had a 70% respray and various mechanical parts changed, currently set to RS spec, which of course adds another 20hp ;) "

Location Porsche Fairway

1970 US Deluxe Bay Window

"This is my 1970 US import deluxe early bay.  Brought over roughly 8 years ago from Washington State but originally sold to the east coast of America.

Its had a full mechanical restoration by myself. Including a 1776cc fresh built engine, fresh build transmission this year and full underside paint in 2k. Renewed suspension and running gear. A complete DIY interior (as there was nothing original left to save) which hosts a strong 12v system to the fridge, interior lighting and plenty of charge ports.


Full length mostly hand made roof rack with adjustable position solar panels. Original wheels paired to some chunky Maxis tyres."

The owner of this bus, Chris, is one of our Classics at the Clubhouse 'Green Keepers'. He travels everywhere in this bus, clocking up more miles and more nights than all of us combined. A true air-cooled hero.


Location Volkswagen Fairway

1978 Japanese Import 911 SC

"I bought this Japanese (US spec) import 3.0l SC from my birthday (a present to myself!)  and ironically I found out it is the same age as myself almost to the week! 


It is a 1978 non sunroof car which needed some work to get it to how it is now. Has little history with the car however it does have the original Japanese Porsche dealer decal on the rear quarter window which is nice. Also has quite a high specification for a late 70's car including central locking, air con, electric windows , electric mirrors etc. 


I use the car very regularly and it is great to drive and live with"

Location G-Body Display

Walkers 911.png
Early 1969 911 Targa

'Originally purchased at Klein - Foreman motors ( Van Nuys CA)  by Dr Robert F Curtis on october the 23rd 1969. The  originally red 911 was used by 3 owners  up to 1978, when due to concerns over maintenance costs with an imminent baby arrival , it was put under a cover for a while.


44 years later it re surfaced in Passadena, and thanks to a set of circumstances fiction writers would question it came to my attention. 9 months later based on 5 grainy images and little else I owned it.


Fast forward to May 2023, it arrived here, and I began to remove rats nests and resurrect..  


Zero welding , running gear gone through, what you see is a partially cleaned but time aged 911 that drives fantastically. Time may have aged the paint and seals a little but structurally and in road use terms its 10 yrs old.


Only 70,00 miles from new.'


If you ask nicely you can even buy it 

Located in the Survivor Display

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More info coming soon...

Located TBC

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More info coming soon...

Located TBC

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